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Installation Cases

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Convenient parking entry/exit of patient

Easy calculations on different rates

Speedy vehicle induction

Prompt handling in accidents

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Aerial View of Hospital
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OSC (Prescription delivery system)

  • Method of storing medical information of the patient in the hospital

  • Parking fee can automatically discounted by linking saved data with vehicle information

  • Registered at kiosk, information desk and etc

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License plate recognition machine

Image by Claudio Schwarz

Parking breaker

Image by Bernard Hermant


a yellow and white gas pump next to a fence_edited.jpg

Exit unmanned payment machine

Flight Board

Enterance information display board

gray sedna_edited.jpg

Guidance light

4 sided camera.png

4 Sided camera

Image by Victor

Surveillance camera

white and black outdoor lamp_edited.jpg

Parking guidance camera

Guidance board_s.png

Guidance board

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Installation Cases

Application_Hospital: Projects
Parking Lot Gate_edited.jpg

January 13, 2026

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