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Parking management computer


Inquiry/edit/delete function of management item change
VIP information input and transmission function
Regular access vehicle registration and inquiry/edit/delete function
Parking record input function in case of manual processing due to an accident such as a power outage Access vehicle record inquiry functionReal-time monitoring of current entry vehicle information

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Vehicle detector


Sensing method: Pass detection method
Resolution: Distance between vehicles greater than the width of the roof coil
Detection speed: 0 ~ 180km/h
Sensitivity adjustment: from high sensitivity to low sensitivity (16 steps) : Automatic tuning method
Timer function: Random adjustment within 0 ~ 30 seconds
Reset function: Reset when malfunction occurs
Output signal: Non-voltage relay contact output

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Image by Devin Pickell

VOIP phone


It is installed on each local equipment and converts the customer's call voice data into Internet protocol data packets, enabling calls on the general public network.

If the network becomes a network, it is not affected by construction.

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