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License Plate Recognition Door Gate

Parking accessing using the car number recognition method

Automatically recognizes the car number (LPR) without the parking ticket, and builds a system that allows parking entry and parking charge settlement

Improve recognition rate by recognizing all front and rear plates of the vehicle

Dual placement of car number recognizer so that you can shoot both front and rear license plates when entering the parking lot

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License Plate Recognition

  • Vehicle number recognizer
    When the vehicle enters the parking lot, the license plate is sent to the parking management server

  • Entrance artificial intelligence vehicle number recognition
    It has a self-developed car number recognition engine, and is a popular CNN-based car number recognition engine


Parking Flow Chart

  • Vehicle information is transmitted to the parking DB together with the License Plate Recognition for entry.

  • Easy to find the position of a vehicle parked in a parking lot by using a 4 Side Image Recognition Camera. You can search your vehicle's location information or your current location by searching the license plate

  • The parking lot fare is calculated using various payment methods  for exit.

4 sided camera.png

4 Sided Camera System

For preventing Car damage.

 Take a picture of the exterior of the vehicle by using a megapixel camera installed at the entrance when the vehicle is entering.
The image of the vehicle entering / exiting is inquired and the captured image of the vehicle's exterior condition is stored in the management server in real time so you can monitor the current status of the vehicle through image inquiry.



  • Operator telephone number collection and breaker opening system

  • It is a service that can open an unmanned exit without an administrator in case of an emergency such as unauthorized payment of parking rate and unidentified car number when operating an unmanned parking lot.

  • Call the telephone number assigned to CIDE to open the breaker. Automatically record phone number, car number, time of departure, parking fee etc. to parking control server.

Control System: Services


Image by Claudio Schwarz

LPR & Vehicle Breaker

Image by Claire Dornic

Rear Camera

Paying from the Car


Control System: Services

If you're looking for any of the services mentioned above, give us a call, of fill out the contact form and we wil get back to you at our earliest convenience.

Control System: Services
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