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Guidance System

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Minimal Movement for Convenient Parking

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Image analysis of parking vehicle with intelligent 360° omnidirectional camera. Vehicle number recognition.
Integrated operation management system including vehicle guidance, video surveillance, parking location confirmation. provide real-time monitoring of parking management.

Using an microwave sensor installed on the parking surface provide real-time detection for empty parking space and parking information to the driver. Empty parking space with guidance and check real-time parking status.

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Guidance System: Services
Image by Chris Kursikowski

Speedy parking space

A method of informing the driver of an empty parking space at the enterance of the parking lot, on the parking lot floor, and within the parking area

Sensor providing car location information

A system that prevents wandering a parking lot to find its own vehicle

Guidance System: Services
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How to locate a Vehicle

1. When the ultrasonic sensor detects the vehicle, the positioning camera captures it.
2. Recognize the vehicle number and save the location
3. Check the guided location after using a unmanned payment machine

Guidance System: Services
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