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Management System

Management System: Welcome

Parking Operating Program

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Management Web Server

It communicates with vehicle detector, car identification, electric signboard, breaker, parking fare adjuster, etc., and carries out all necessary functions for parking control. Manage vehicle access record, management of rate policy, record of use of parking fee settler.

Management System: Services

Tenant Vehicle Management

Register, search, modify, delete car number from control PC

  • Tenant vehicle

  • Construction vehicles, delivery vehicles,etc

Visitor Vehicle Registration

  • Residents: Smartphone

  • Management staff: PC

  • Security staff: PC

Access Vehicle Management

Management of entrance and exit vehicles by resident vehicle, visiting vehicle, and external vehicle.

Blacklist Vehicle Search

Search for vehicles visited more than a certain number of times during a certain period.


Tenant-Owned Vehicle Management

  • Building and Room number

  • Household name statement

  • Contact

  • The car number

CID(Post-settlement) record

The parking fee of the vehicle that opened the breaker by dialog and departed.

Parking Charge Settlement Record

Parking Fee for each vehicle payed at the fare adjust machine.

Vehicle Verification Device Application

If you take the license plate on your smartphone, you can classify the vehicle. 

  • Registered vehicle: Building number, Room number, telephone number, etc.

  • Visited vehicles: Vehicles that have just arrived.

  • Visited vehicles: Vehicles that stayed long after the arrival.

Management System: Services
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Information Transfer

Management System: Services
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