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Excellent for security, induction and cost reduction 360º omnidirectional camera system

The omnidirectional camera system does not need to install CCTV separately, it can record 6 parking spaces at the same time, by 360º rotation. It has the advantage of performing security functions without blind spots, also has motion detection and recording capability of 5 million pixels. In addition, free parking space guide is available for convenience.


Empty parking space with guidance system

Reduce unnecessary parking lot operator, and can monitor real-time status of parking lot.

The microwave sensor installed on the parking surface has the set value for ordering and emitting ultrasonic waves,
and it operates by receiving reflected signal only when emitting microwave signal.
The rate of malfunction due to peripheral microwave signals is lower than the microwave sensor installed on the parking surface to simultaneously detect an object at regular microwave sensing method that emits and receives microwaves in order.

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Parking Convenience

Guidance board.png

Guiding Board

  • Induces the direction of vehicle entry and displays the number of vehicles available for parking when entering the floor.

  • Displays the number of parking spaces in numbers and letters through guidance boards for each floor.

  • Express phrases that you want to inform customers using the floor.


Intelligent LED Dimming Light Control System

Motion detection of object such as vehicle or person in real-time video camera. Dimming control at maximum and lowest brightness set in real time. Lighting control according to moving lines.

  • When the car speed is fast: High lighting quantity/Fast dimming speed

  • When the speed of the mover is slow: The quantity of lighting is low/The dimming speed is slow


Parking Passage Guide System

Depending on the distance between the guide sensor (sidewall) and the vehicle and the side wall display 3 colors (R, Ye, G) for 3 status.

  • Distance between side walls and vehicle: Safety

  • Approaching distance between side wall and vehicle: dangerous


Up to 5 Interlock Sensor

Up to 5 interlock sensors

Changed the sensor of induction BAR from standby to active when entering the car into the parking ramp
(0.5 sec interval at standby / Sensing at 0.1 sec interval when active)

If the vehicle is detected in ①, LED will turn on until ⑤,
① ~ ⑤ All changed the sensor to active state

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